Shanghaihabits is a balanced-lifestyle blog aiming to prove that it is absolutely possible to stay (or become) healthy when living in Shanghai. Apart from tips on having a more balanced lifestyle in Shanghai, on the blog you'll find articles on both smaller and longer trips in China and Asia including guides.

Aura Fitness Studio

The energetic fitness & nutrition professional behind Aura Fitness Studio blogs not only about tips & tricks for a healthier everyday life in Shanghai (Say hi to: Meat free Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays & Fitzness Fridays) but also about her experiences & travels in China and other parts of Asia.

The well-informed Chemistry teacher behind Combustion Shanghai blogs about science, chemistry, the environment, climate change, pollution, health and not least Shanghai AQI (Air Quality Index) updates!

Kim Balances

A personal blog dedicated to finding balance in Shanghai. And sending good vibes to help readers find their balance!

Natures NOsh

Natures Nosh is a blog about health topics - stripped down, with all the nasties removed and presented raw on the blog!

A blog started to inspire and empower through the sharing of all things healthy and well-being that the author Laurent Garrett discover on her journey of passion, yoga, community, transformation and most importantly life in Shanghai.