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More insights from our favorite City Girl: Shanghai City Girl.

This week we asked the female blogger what the 3 funniest or weirdest situations she's been in or come across in Shanghai. 

Below are her answers as well a link to one of the absolute top posts from her blog.

Tell us about the 3 funniest or weirdest situations you’ve been in or come across in Shanghai

1.     I spent my first 6 months in China as an au-pair/cultural ambassador and therefore was staying with a Chinese family, to experience full immersion in the culture. After a couple of weeks when I arrived I was invited to a date and the choice of restaurant was left up to me. So I asked my Chinese host dad to recommend something. And our conversation became one of the favourite family stories. The host dad asked’ So, if he invited you, then he pays, right?’ I said ‘Well, yeah, I think so’ ‘Ok, so here is a French restaurant but the dinner might cost around RMB 1000’ I said ‘Oh, how about something else? If I choose this one, the guy might think I am a gold digger!’ And here’s what my Chinese host dad said’ No!It will be a test! If he doesn’t have a problem with paying 1000 RMB for dinner, you can keep on dating him. If not, CHANGE THE GUY!’ This was one of my unforgettable lessons about Chinese culture.

2. Still as au – pairs ( I think my craziest stories come from that time – because I felt like a student again) we asked the manager of our au-pair agency tojoin the  Zombie Crawl with us on Haloween. We joined the whole group of ‘Zombies’, got our faces painted white and red just outside the Nike store in East Nanjing road. We were ‘crawling’ from East Nanjing road to the Bund, approaching Chinese people around, who seemed half scared, half excited. At one moment we came near one restaurant window and slowly emerged showing ourselves ( remember – white faces with fake blood on) to people inside. There was a Chinese couple sitting very close, and their reaction was priceless – the woman showed a bit surprised face, but her partner – upon seeing us – dropped his cutlery and started screaming like crazy....

3. As you know, Chinese New Year is pretty much a big deal for Chinese people and every year each company will throw a big party to celebrate it. In 2014 I used to work at a preschool that took that to a whole new level and they organized dance performance for parents. And the principal decided that I would the whole event IN CHINESE ( and like ‘old style Chinese that even confused my Chinese teacher who was helping me prepare),wearing 2 different princess style gowns during the show AND performing Chinese dance with an umbrella in a traditional Chinese outfit. All this on the stage of Shanghai Concert Hall. We spent 2 months preparing, having rehearsals every single day.It was weird, funny and very challenging at the same time. But now when I look back I am actually very thankful for this opportunity, because it brought me even closer to Chinese culture.

Can you give us a link to one of your recent favourite posts or most popular posts?

It is difficult to choose one, again, but probably would be this – the very recent Found in translation: WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT IS IT REALLY ABOUT?

We are big fans of Found in Translation, always some fun & insightful facts!

KEEP up the good work, Shanghai City Girl and everyone don't miss next week's Meet The Blogger chapter where we feature one of our few Male bloggers!