Count-down to Fashion Affair This Saturday - Join Shanghai Bloggers and Jadeine Whiteside

Who said November is a boring month? November 21st - Save the date.

Jadeine Whiteside's Fashion Affair is ready for the November round - another night in the name of design, brands, fun & FASHION! More than 10 designers and brands are involved - 2 main designers will be presenting a fashion show: Rojo Clothing and Tiffany Pattinson

You can also expect stuff from Liz & Jaz , Batique, Christian Marolho, Karobi, Ohsopretty, Jadeine Whiteside, Fiorella Blues Paris, and K-real.

Shanghai Bloggers is excited for another inspiring & fun night!

Program for the night

6pm - Open doors / Drinks available / Vendors start selling

8pm – Entertainment

8.30pm – Fashion Show

9.30pm – Lucky draw prizes

10.00pm – Wrap up


Rojo Clothing

ROJO Clothing is a company that focuses on the stellar production of exclusively made-to-measure tailored suits. Management throughout the brand consistently stress that their ROJO clients not only pay for their excellent finished products, but also for their first-rate service that comes with their suits, something which separates the brand from their competitors.

Founded and run by a young Irish entrepreneur, the brand not only puts emphasis on their hand-crafted tailored garments but how the customer is carefully catered for throughout the whole process. From the first measuring session to the finished creation, the ROJO team makes a promise on delivering a product, service and end experience that is unrivaled across the industry. Our bottom line: Affordable, comfortable, and above all, designed especially to fit you!

ROJO Clothing appreciates that the modern man is more fashion conscious as well as more adventurous when making purchasing decisions, especially in an ever-increasing online market. No other brand in men’s fashion represents this trend more definitively than that of men’s tailored suits, the core of men’s fashion, and no brand will accommodate it better than we do. The tailored suits industry is exploding at a rapid pace and ROJO Clothing is here to finally give the consumer what they deserve.

 Tiffany Pattinson

Tiffany Pattinson, represented by Wisteria, the flower of wisdom, romance and peace," is a sustainable fashion brand with a style of futuristic elegance.

The designer raised in the jungle of concrete, the Hong Kong designer Tiffany Pattinson has a crave for nature at a very young age and participated in various eco-friendly design activities since. Through experimenting and working with different designers and artists over the years, Tiffany learnt to express through art of all forms and was inspired to develop her own ideal on sustainability and style, becoming a designer of no limit on fields or medium when it comes to projecting such ideal.

Vision - We believe that being eco-friendly during the production process is not enough, thus we would like to extend the concept by inviting our consumers to give their purchase a second life: Each of our product comes witha little instruction leaflet to teach our consumer how to up-cycle their purchases and methods to donate the piecesto support a great clausefor we understand once in a whilethere is a need to clear out some spacein the closet for new clothes.