Shanghai City Girl on Saturday's Fashion Affair: "Such Creative People Under One Roof"

Last Saturday Shanghai Bloggers was part of the 2nd espisode of Fashion Affair - organized by the Fiji inspire designer Jadeine Whiteside.

Our awsome City Blogger Gosia went to the event and here she shares her experience as well as cool snaps from the fashion show part of the event. Visit Gosia's blog on the Shanghai Bloggers App or here: Shanghai City Girl.

Jadeine Whiteside (L) and Gosia from Shanghai City Girl (R)

Jadeine Whiteside (L) and Gosia from Shanghai City Girl (R)

Shanghai Fashion Affair, Second Edition

by Shanghai City Girl

Since I am a big fan of the designer Jadeine Whiteside and her dangerously sexy outfits (get yourselfone and you will see …) I couldn’t miss another Fashion Affair organized by her at Bonobo this past Saturday ( Nov 21). This time though the highlights of the night were the designs delivered by ROJO Clothing – tailor made suits and Tiffany Pattinson with her collection ‘Digitaldelia’.

Tiffany’s designs particularly impressed me, as she combines futuristic elegance with sustainable methods of design. During our quick chat after the show, the Hong Kong native let me in on the secret that what looked like sequins were actually…little remains of glass bottles! How genius is that?

Thank you Jadeine Whiteside for bringing such creative people under Bonobo’s roof once again! I am already looking forward to your next Affairs!

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