Shanghai Bloggers Society

Wow. It's already been one week since our official launch of Shanghai Bloggers! What a launch. If you missed it, scroll down to check out the photos of our amazing evening on top of Shanghai with bloggers, partners, media & Shanghai guests.

A big THANK YOU to our amazing bloggers who have made an effort to share the launch of Shanghai Bloggers from their eyes. And being so grateful for the gifts & support from our amazing partners.

Here below a selection of our Bloggers' launch reviews and their view on Shanghai Bloggers:

Louise from Loueatsmore

Nancy from Plus ATE Six

Laura from Aura

Cidonie from Threads & Ginger

Line from Shanghaihabits

As Line says: Go Download the Shanghai Bloggers App now and read & see much more from our amazing bloggers.

Aaaand remember: Sharing is Caring!