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As part of our Meet The Bloggers series we are including a Top-3-Something from our blogger of the week.

This week we asked LaPtiteLu what her top 3 restaurants/eateries are in Shanghai.

Below are her answers as well a link to one of the absolute top posts from her blog LaPtitelu

What’s your top 3 restaurants/eateries in Shanghai?

That’s one of my favourite topic! It is really hard to give a top 3 but after a lot of thought I came with these 3.

1.     Lotus land.

Because I am a huge fan of Indian food and this one is really good. If you want to make me happy, bring me to an Indian restaurant. Yes that’s not light at all but I do a lot of exercise so I can eat whatever I like.  What I like with Indian food is that you have a lot of choice of veggie curry. I have stoped eating meat 2 years ago so when I go to any restaurant, I always take the veggie or the fish option which end up being boring after a while because there are not so many of them. But Indian food has a lot of veggie options even though it is not a vegetarian restaurant. In Lotus land, the food is good, the appetisers are delicious and the ambiance is cosy.

2.  Kondo or other omakase Japanese place. (Oyama, Sushi Teru, Sushi Ichi…)

Even though I stoped eating meat, I still eat fish and I am a big fan of sushi. I love omakase.
Omakase is a style of sushi where the choice of items served is left up to the sushi chef.
I think it is the best way to eat Japanese food.  Every dish or sushi served will be a surprise and it is always original and delicious. Yes, it is pricy. So I don’t go to these Japanese Omakase very often but when we want to celebrate something with my boyfriend we like to indulge ourselves with some delicious sushis. We have never been disappointed. It is always a stunning experience that you can’t  never forget. The service is always perfect, the ambiance is very Japanese so you feel you are in Japan!

3. Wuguangtang

This one is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant.  I am not a vegetarian, I am a pescetarian (which mean I don’t eat meat but I eat fish) but I really enjoy vegetarian restaurant.  The food there is good, healthy and there are so many choices !!!! My favorite dish is their baked potato. It is extremely simple but yet delicious. Their tomato / mushroom soup is also a must try

Can you give us a link to one of your recent favourite posts or most popular post?

Well, on wechat, and on the blog the same post doesn’t have the same reception. Because the audience is different. On wechat it is more Chinese people, on my blog it is more European and French people.

For example on wechat, the one that work the most was the post about the Bastille day where I explain a bit about France history. It brought me 500 new followers and it had more than 4000 views in one day. That was just crazy! I realised Chinese people have a big interest in French culture and history. Read the blog post and gain more insight into French history in an entertaining way here.

On the blog, one of the most popular posts is A Story About Pee, nail and shoes and in general when I talk about China =)

Whether the theme is France or funny experiences from the daily life in China we all experience here in Shanghai, Shanghai Bloggers absolutely love LaPtiteLu. She's so charming and continuously puts a smile on our faces.

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