Veronica Darling's Top-3 & Top Blog Post

As part of our Meet The Bloggers series we are including a Top-3-Something from our blogger of the week.

This week we asked Veronica Darling what her top 3 things are about living in Shanghai.

Below are her answers as well a link to one of the absolute top posts from her blog Veronica Darling.

What’s your top 3 things which are surprising / fun / crazy about living in Shanghai? 


I like all the global citizens in one place! I didn’t expect so many people from all around the world living here. I’ve met people from Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, France, the US, the UK, the Philippines, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and many more and just didn’t expect all the cross cultural stories I’d hear… it’s so interesting hearing people’s perspective of living in China from different cultures! I just love it! I want to speak French and Spanish now! The Mexican girls I’ve met are just so gorgeous and I keep wanting to join their meet ups! Not sure a little strawberry blonde Australian would fit in yet though!


I love the extreme fashion in Shanghai. I.JUST.LOVE.IT. There’s no other place in the world where you can be checking out some great fun crazy floral print on a woman and then realise she’s about 80. Today I was riding slowly past a group who were just wearing the most gorgeous wedge sandals, all of them very fashionable… a few of them beautiful silver or gold straps and some flatforms with grooved soles and I looked up and they were all women in their 50s! My first week in Shanghai, I saw so many people in twin-sets or ‘co-ord’ sets (where you wear the same top and bottom) that I became obsessed… a woman was wearing black and white stripes and amazing heels and the next woman that passed after was wearing the same style, but completely different tailoring and it definitely was pyjamas! It’s so fun, you can find inspiration anywhere (not that I wear my t-shirt turned up in the summer like the old men, but I’ve seriously contemplated the crop top look and I’m over 35 so maybe shouldn’t be contemplating it!)


The other really fun thing, for us Australians was having the Christmas festival time in the cold… it’s usually summer for us, and having an actual wintertime festival finally made sense for all the Christmas themes… I’m not one to celebrate religious holidays or rejoice over capitalist ideals of giving gifts… but the heartfelt moments of Christmas time was the best, sharing fun times with friends, eating and drinking all the different foods and honestly, I was SO surprised how momentous the festival was all across the city… I would never have expected the German Christmas Festival to be here in Shanghai… but we went to have a look and it was just crazy and funny! I loved all the Christmas trees being on display in shop fronts until April! I love fairylights all around town!

Can you share one of your recent favorite/popular posts?

This summery frock was nominated at the Top 9 best versions of the sewing pattern this year on Instagram (follow Veronica Darling here) and the blog post itself also received a lot of attention:

We at Shanghai Bloggers definitely see why this post is popular - what a happy vibe from the lovely Veronica Darling. Now go read the full post here.

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