Shanghai Bloggers was established in 2015 with one main purpose: Creating Value 

We are one of a kind in Shanghai and as much as we are proud of our existence we understand that it is only unique & strong due to all the amazing bloggers in our society. We have created the base for a strong Shanghai Bloggers Society - Our bloggers create the value of this society through their amazing content.

What We Do

Shanghai Bloggers is a platform collecting all bloggers in Shanghai and connecting them with readers through the amazing Shanghai Bloggers App. We currently have over 40 individual blog platforms and news sites collected in our app so anyone can follow them all on the go in an easy & fun way.

Our Mission

Shanghai, the New York of China is an amazing place to live as an expat. It's exciting, it's fun, it's challenging and it's filled with opportunities.

The expat communities in Shanghai are strong and it's here we can find our relevant Shanghai information, our important Shanghai relationships & the sense of belonging that makes us want to stay.

Shanghai Bloggers play an important role in this. They care, they share and they make an effort to give other Shanghai inhabitants a taste of "their Shanghai".

Shanghai Blogger Society wants to make life easier for everyone in the world of blogging in Shanghai:

  • Easier for readers to find, follow & like their favorite bloggers
  • Easier for companies to reach out to Shanghai Bloggers through our society

And not least

  • Easier for Shanghai Bloggers to increase their visibility, increase their opportunities & increase the network between bloggers!

Shanghai Blogger Society is absolutely unique. It gives me the change of connecting with other bloggers throughout Shanghai and it makes my small blog more visible for readers & companies!
— Line Fricke, Shanghaihabits